Horizon Technologies SIGINT Farnborough international airshow

London, UK“We are excited to be at Farnborough this year, and although it will be Horizon Technologies’ second year at the show, it is especially exciting that this will be my 17th personal Farnborough International Airshow since I first attended in 1986.” says John Beckner, Managing Director, Horizon Technologies. “Since we are a UK-based small business, Farnborough provides the most diverse range of exhibitors from core sectors of the aerospace industry and is very special for us. Coming off our best first half-year results in the company’s history, we will be showcasing our new FlyingFish™ Xtender technology now going into the marketplace along with our two new plug and play ISR pods:  XPOD and XPOD-UAS.”

Horizon Technologies will be exhibiting as part of the ADS UK Village in Hall 1/Stand 1136. The XPOD will be on display mounted to the L3 Longsword aircraft behind the L3 Pavilion; C2. This particular version includes FlyingFish™, L3’s MX-15, AIS, and CMDL data link.

For those customers who require a quick ISR solution mounted to an aircraft’s hardpoints, XPOD is the solution. In addition, we will be bringing a full-scale mockup of our smaller XPOD-UAS which is designed for UAVs with a weapons rail. The XPOD-UAS will be able to be viewed at our stand during the show.

Horizon Technologies’ ISR XPOD.

2018 will be the first year Horizon Technologies will publicly show “Amber”, their FlyingFish™ solution for the fast-growing CubeSat market. “As we prepare for our first launch in early 2019, we want to start engaging with our customers on the benefits of spaced-based ISR; especially AIS/RF correlation to detect maritime dark targets.” said John Beckner. Amber is a space-generated data product, not a service or hardware solution. Beckner predicts that within 10 years, 50% of today’s traditional manned ISR missions will be replaced by space-generated ISR data. In addition, UAV missions will use this data to increase their effectiveness by allowing more accurate cueing so they will be at the right place at the right time.

Horizon Technologies’ “Amber” their FlyingFish™ solution for the CubeSat market.
Horizon Technologies’ “Amber” their FlyingFish™ solution for the CubeSat market.

Horizon Technologies is the world leader in airborne satellite (SAT) phone monitoring systems for ISR applications, equipping governments worldwide by enhancing their SIGINT capabilities. They are the OEM for the FlyingFish™ SIGINT system which is flying on numerous platforms worldwide. They participate daily in SAR missions via NATO and FRONTEX in the Mediterranean Sea, counter-piracy operations off the coast of East Africa and are heavily involved in international operations in the Levant, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. They have offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Taiwan, along with a worldwide network of sales representatives. FlyingFish™ has been in production since 2014, is manufactured in the UK, and is available worldwide for customers desiring an affordable, proven, ISR product. London-based SIGINT supplier Horizon Technologies has been named as one of Europe’s fastest-growing businesses in the fourth annual Inc. 5000 Europe rankings.

“If it’s worth a Mission, it’s worth a FlyingFish™”

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