• FlyingFish™ Airborne Satellite Monitoring System

  • Designed to Meet Coast Guard and SAR Requirements

  • A Proven Solution for Naval SIGINT Missions

  • Add FlyingFish™ to Your AIS Data

  • FlyingFish™ Equips Governments to Fight Sea Pirates and Drug Trafficking

FlyingFish™ 3rd Generation (S)

FlyingFish™ is a Proven Affordable SIGINT Solution for Manned and Unmanned ISR Platforms.
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FlyingFish™ Maritime

A Proven Solution for Coast Guard and SAR Missions.
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FlyingFish™ Naval

A Proven Solution for Naval SIGINT Missions.
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FlyingFish™ Xtender

A Proven, Affordable Solution Turning UAVs Into Powerful SIGINT Platforms.
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FlyingFish C-130 XPOD

Plug and Play SIR/SIGINT Turns Any C-130 Aircraft Into An ISR Platform
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FlyingFish is a Proven Affordable SIGINT Solution for Manned and Unmanned ISR Platforms.

3rd Generation (SD)

Powerful SIGINT Solution

FlyingFish Maritime


Meets SAR requirements

FlyingFish is a proven solution for naval SIGINT missions


SIGINT mission solution

FlyingFish Xtender Airborne Satellite Monitoring System


Newest UAV product

FlyingFish™ 3rd Generation

The FlyingFish™ Airborne Satellite Phone Monitoring System is a proven affordable SIGINT solution
for manned and unmanned ISR platforms. It allows governments to passively monitor satellite communications.

Simultaneous and Passive Monitoring of:

  • Thuraya
  • IsatPhone Pro

L-Band Uplink and Downlink Signals

Integrated AIS/GPS Receiver for Maritime Operations

Horizon’s New Integrated Airborne LNA/Filter Set