John Beckner at SMi’s 2nd Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology Conference

Against a backdrop of persistent refugee migration from Northern Africa, airborne satellite monitoring technology is becoming increasingly important. Building upon the success of the first annual conference, the SMi Group hosted the 2nd Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology Conference in Rome, Italy on January 30th and 31st 2017.

John Beckner, Managing Director of Horizon Technologies was excited to speak at the US-NATO conference on “SIGINT Technologies for Maritime Search and Rescue.” The governmental participants at the conference made it very clear that in almost every case, electronic signals being emitted by the refugees (such as phone calls to the Italian Coast Guard) has allowed for their rescue. In most cases, these signals take the form of Sat or GSM Phones with the people using the phones having no knowledge of their location.

FlyingFish has become the system of choice to locate these…/Maritime-Reconnaissancemitters, and allow for European and NATO naval forces to secure their rescue. Due to the increasing deployment of small UAV’s, such as Insitu’s Scan Eagle, off NATO vessels, the particular emphasis at the conference was put on finding solutions whereby these UAV’s can be utilized in the nightly search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea. Beckner announced that Horizon will soon be addressing this crucial requirement through its R&D efforts.

For more information on the conference please click here.

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