Special Signals Collection CubeSat Payloads


Special Signals Collection CubeSat Payloads

Cubesats Spire SIGINT Horizon Technologies ISR

Horizon Technologies’ transformational Xtender technology has allowed us to work with our commercial and governmental partners to meet their requirements for detection of RF signals from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) CubeSats.

We have invested substantial IRAD funds to develop CubeSat payload solutions for the detection of so-called maritime Dark Targets (ships whose AIS has been turned off).  Even though these vessels appear to be invisible, they do still emit signals, and can be detected.  Dark Target detection will have a major impact to address piracy, illegal fishing, and smuggling.  Spaced-based AIS is an emerging market, and Horizon Technologies’ new payloads will allow correlation with AIS to vastly increase its potential.

Outside of the maritime environment, our current NATO customers are interested in the detection (and tracking) of a variety of RF emitters which have a direct impact on their national security.

Horizon Technologies’ track record in this field is unmatched in the manned aircraft environment.  Today, we are taking this technology into a new realm.

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