Airborne Satellite Phone Monitoring System


FlyingFish Maritime Airborne Satellite Monitoring System

FlyingFish™ is a Proven Solution for Coast Guard and SAR Missions

Detection of Satellite and GSM Phones at Sea. Essential for AIS Correlation, Maritime Domain Awareness, and Search and Rescue (SAR).

Horizon Technologies has developed FlyingFish™(M) to allow government customers to locate Satellite and GSM (optional) phones at sea. FlyingFish™(M) is a development of our successful standard FlyingFish™ SIGINT system used by governments worldwide. FlyingFish™ is a UK COTS product and is non-ITAR.

Based on customer input from hundreds of hours of recent patrol over the Mediterranean Sea, FlyingFish™(M) has been designed to locate Sat Phones (GPS location), and GSM phones (optional) at sea. The main advantage of FlyingFish™ as an airborne system is an increase in detection ranges > 400 km or 250 nm (altitude dependent) of the satellite phone uplink due to a better line of sight.

The FlyingFish™ operator is able to toggle between the appropriate software and appropriate antennae for either Thuraya or IsatPhone-Pro networks. Monitoring of the two networks simultaneously is possible but requires our new FlyingFish™ (S) unit.

In addition, we now offer an AIS/GPS module for those aircraft not having this capability. Correlating AIS tracks with phone handsets is a key component to maritime domain awareness, and Search and Rescue (SAR).

Horizon is proud to offer a full package to address this important market.

FlyingFish™(M) customers can provide their own COTS downlink and uplink antennae. Horizon Technologies can also advise on appropriate specifications, and also can provide the complete system kits.

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